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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Fanart Donations

Donate Fanart!

Donate pictures you've drawn, wallpapers you've made, stories you've wrote, buddy icons you've made, or anything else Nightmare Before Christmas that YOU made.
*Please don't steal things from other people!*
Onve you send them to me at my email address, I will post them here! You will get credit, so when you email it, please leave your name.
Send them to:
Buddy Icons
If you would like yo use these for AIM, right click and go to Save As... Save it. From AIM, go to Prefrences, Buddy Icons, Browse, and then upload it.
Or another way. (EASIER!) Click on the icon. Another website will come up. Then click on the icon there. It will download to your AIM. (Note: You must be logged on to Aol Instant Messenger for this to work!)
 Jack Buddy Icon The Nightmare Before Christmas Buddy Icon Sally Buddy Icon Jack and Sally Buddy Icon Nightmare Before Christmas Buddy Icon
(Icons by me, Charles)
bbd98138.bmp JackSkellington2.bmp
(Added by me, Charles)
Computer Art
Credit for this goes to Dr.Finkelstein of
These work for Livejournals or forums. All made by me.
Animations made by me, Charles.
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
Computer Graphics
All created by me, Charles.



This is Halloween!


By - Jack Skellington